Links to Our Friends

This list is just a starter – there are an infinite number of sites for you explore. If you find extra helpful sites please send us a link and tell us about it at

Healthy Environment Resources
Coalition for a Healthy Calgary []

Guide to Less Toxic Products []

Pesticide Free Yards []

Right On Canada [;=2705047]

Cancer Smart Consumer Guide []

A site dedicated to Rachel Carson’s work []

UBC Centre for Health and Environmental Research []

Healthy Child, Healthy World []

Silent Spring Institute []

Environmental Research Foundation []

Healthy Breasts and Bodies
Breast Cancer and Pesticides (by the Sierra Club) [

Breast Thermography Clinic []

Prevent Cancer Now []

Women’s Health and the Environment[;=3]

Devra Davis “The Secret History on the War on Cancer” []

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics []